[book] After the Third Way -The future of social democracy in Europe

After the Third Way

After the Third Way


02 April 2012



The future of social democracy in Europe

The political left believed the crisis of neoliberalism would play into its hands. The opposite has proved to be the case. No new variety of capitalism has emerged to fill the void and left-of-centre parties have lost a devastating run of European elections.

This new Policy Network book, edited by Olaf Cramme and Patrick Diamond, contends that social democracy needs to undergo profound renewal if it is to address the exhausted form of western capitalist democracies – the narratives of both ‘third way modernisers’ and the ‘traditional left’ do not offer credible paths forward.

Bringing together leading academics, political thinkers and policy experts, the book seeks to carve out new doctrines, new concepts and new interpretations on which a credible centre-left politics can be built and from which new ideas can emerge.

After the Third Way is available through the publisher I.B. Tauris.

Contents and chapters

The Guiding Purpose of Centre-Left Politics
1. From Fatalism to Fraternity: Governing Purpose and the Good Society
Patrick Diamond

2. Social Democracy in a Global Era
Luke Martell

Policy Predicaments
3. Debt and Deficits: The Quest for Economic Competence
Andrew Gamble

4. The Mechanics of Markets: Politics, Economics and Finance
John Kay

5. Social Democracy at the End of the Welfare State?
Peter Taylor-Gooby

6. Equality, Social Trust and the Politics of Institutional Design
Bo Rothstein

7. Progress and Social Policy: Two-and-a-Half Cheers for Education
Lane Kenworthy

8. Social Cohesion, Culture Politics and the Impact of Migration
René Cuperus and Mark Elchardus

9. Identity, Community and the Politics of Recognition 
Michael Kenny

Governance and Politics
10. The Power of European Integration: Choice and Purpose for Centre-Left Politics
Olaf Cramme

11. Back to the Future: Towards a Red-Green Politics
John McTernan

12. Globalisation Challenges to Centre-Left Internationalism
John Lloyd

13. The Squeezed Middle and the New Inequality
Liam Byrne

14. Citizen Engagement and the Quest for Solidarity
Henry Tam

15. Co-operation, Creativity and Equality: Key Concepts for a New Social Democratic Era
Tobias Dürr and Robert Misik

16. The New Social Democracy?
Olaf Cramme and Patrick Diamond


About the editors

Olaf CrammeOlaf Cramme is director of Policy Network and a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics’ European Institute.










Patrick DiamondPatrick Diamond is senior research fellow at Policy Network. He is also a Gwilym Gibbon Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford.

After the Third Way will be launched at a Policy Network and King’s College London public lecture in May. More details to follow.


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